Peer Reviewed Articles

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Counseling Today

Cultural Humility

This article on the topic of Cultural Humility and Multicultural Orientation in Counseling Today is based on workshop that I conducted at the ACA conference in Montreal in 2016. Here is the link:

Feedback Informed Counseling

Below is a link to an article in Counseling Today on Feedback Informed Counseling. The article is based on a learning institute presentation I delivered at the ACA conference in Hawaii in 2014 and also based on a JMHC article  I published with my colleague, Dr. Kirsten Murray. The CT article is a brief, nuts-and-bolts description of how to improve counseling effectiveness with Feedback Informed Counseling. Here is the link:

Relationship Science Research

Below is a link to a Counseling Today article that I published with Dr. Sara Polanchek on the topic of Relationship Research Findings that Every Counselor Should Know. If you’re like me, your couple and family counseling courses mostly offered therapeutic strategies for working with families and theoretical frameworks for understanding couple dynamics. This article offers a glimpse into the world of relationship science that can help counselors work with clients from a perspective informed by relationship science.

The Recipe for Truly Great Counseling

This Counseling Today article is composed of insights from a number of leaders and seminal thinkers in the counseling profession, and I’m in there as well. Not sure how I slipped under the radar and made it into the article with many of my counseling heroes :-). The article is essentially a snapshot of different professionals’ views about what constitutes great counseling and great counselors. An interesting article that provides a glimpse of a variety of views on “Great Counseling”.


Here is the link to a podcast from the Thoughtful Counselor website. Mike Shook, the creator of the podcasts and Thoughtful Counselor site, embodies the name the site bears – Thoughtful Counselor. Here is our discussion on the topic of Cultural Humility and Multicultural Orientation.

Shaw, S. L., & Ford, S. J. (2018). Cultural humility in counseling . Alexandria, VA:Alexander Street Press. (Scheduled Release in December 2017)