Workshop Topics

                                                                     Training and Consultation

I offer trainings and consultation that are customized to specific needs of agencies, group practices, university programs, and individual practitioners. My specific area of expertise is in Outcome Focused Behavioral Health Care in mental health and substance abuse Outpatient settings. If you are interested in having me deliver a workshop or keynote address, please contact him at

The trainings available for customization include the following:

1. Practice Based Evidence – Improving Outcomes Through Feedback Informed Counseling

Primary Objectives covered include:

  • The strengths and limitations of Empirically Supported Treatment and how this can be easily translated to everyday practice.
  • Effective strategies for increasing client engagement in treatment and improving clinical outcomes.
  • Practical methods for using real-time client feedback to individualize and guide services.
  • Integration of client feedback and specific ways to respond to feedback to tailor services. 

2. Supershrinks – What we can learn from the most effective therapists.

Primary Objectives covered include:

  • Understand the available research on what factors contribute to these highly effective clinicians.
  • Learn simple strategies and a 3 step model for bringing into daily practice the secrets of Supershrinks.
  • Improve clinical effectiveness through outcome informed work

3. Cultural Humility: Embracing the Client’s View of Culturally Responsive Counseling

Primary Objectives covered include:

  • Understand the interpersonal and intrapersonal elements of cultural humility and the research on cultural humility and counseling outcome.
  • Understand common cultural biases that interfere with a stance of cultural humility and specific steps to take to reduce such biases.
  • Learn specific methods for increasing cultural humility in sessions, for reducing microaggressions, and for encouraging client feedback about their experience of counseling.

All of the above trainings are modifiable to consumer needs and delivered in multiple methods to facilitate contextualization of the learning process. Presentation, lecture, small group activities, video review and discussion are all typical components of these trainings.